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Benson Creek Canyon

Benson Creek Canyon Photo Gallery

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General Info

  • Miles: 2.0
  • Time: 2.5 hours
  • Terrain: Uphill
  • Strenuous: 3/5
  • Danger: 3/5

Hike Map

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Benson Creek Beta

As of early 2011, not much great beta has been given about Benson Creek canyon. In fact, most of the beta is out of date now that the the DNR is developing the area for habitat education. Most people think the BLM owns the land but the Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) owns the land. There are some relatively new trails in addition to an amphitheater. So here is the beta you need to get there…

The photos shown on this page should be sequence of the beta herein so thumb through them and take a look. To get to the parking spot, drive up Parowan canyon from the town until you hit mile marker 8. The pull out will be a few hundered yards after this point on the right. Park there and cross the street and start on the trail. You will quickly see the trail turn left and go over a bridge – follow the trail over the bridge. In a short time you will see a trail come in on your left (as shown in photo #2 herein) – pass the trail. Another 50 yards and you will come to an intersection of trails (as shown in photo #3 herein) – go straight and do not take any of these trails. After a short 300 yards or so, you will approach an area with picnic tables and benches but just before this area, there is a trail on the right. Take this trail going to your right (as shown in photo #5 herein) and go for a short 50 yards and on your left you will see a scree/talus sloop (lava looking rock as shown in photos 8 and 9 herein). From this point, its an ascent nearly stright up the scree slope attempting to hug the left side as near to the cliff as possible while maintaining a solid path up the face. Once you start to reach the summit of this slope, you will want to make sure you stay to the left (as shown in photo #12 herein) and you should find eventually a decently marked trail that will lead you down the back side of the slope and straight down into Benson Creek Canyon (as shown in photo #14 herein).

The rest of the trip is simple, there are 4 rappels the first of which is off of a tree on the left side down the first waterfall. This rappel totals 105 feet in length and is the longest rappel in the canyon (as shown in photo #16-28 herein).

The next rappel is a two stage simple rappel totaling about 45 feet and is found just steps from the bottom of rap #1.

The next rappel is a hundred yards or so from rap #2 and is about 60 feet from a large tree 20 feet behind rap #3. This is also in the water course and is typically slippery!

The last rappel is about a hundred yards past rap #3 and is a simple wall rappel outside the water course totalling about 45 feet or so.

The trail from the bottom of rap #4 to the car is well marked and should be simple to see as you come out where the picnic tables and benches are that you likely saw coming in. Takes about 5-10 minutes from bottom to the car.

Overall, this is a simple canyon and a quick trip and something that locals can do anyday after work. Total time car-to-car was 2:30.

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